Invest in Catalonia

Located at the northeast of Spain, near to the Mediterranean Sea, Catalonia is well known for being one of the most developed and strategic areas of Spain, leader in many areas of industry, services and with some of the most important ports of the Mediterranean, such as Barcelona.

Despite of global recession, Catalonia is considered a very competitive and strong market, highly internationalized world-wide and close to importers. Due to its strategic location, Catalonia cannot only be an attractive market to export to, but to export and transport all kind of goods throughout Europe and even Morocco and North African countries.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valls, loyal to its spirit of service and dedication to international trade, wants to bring down all kind of barriers that you may encounter in your journey to export to Catalonia, as well as all kind of services that may be useful to you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt you may have. We are at your disposal for making international trade even easier.

Faithfully yours,

Sergi Mestres Tenias
International Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valls (Catalonia, Spain)
Phone: +34 977 600 909


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